Creating Account Transfers

When you transfer money between bank accounts, you are creating an account transfer. This is a pair of deposit and withdrawal transactions there are linked to each other. You can select either account and see one side of the transfer.

To create an account transfer:

  1. Tap the add button in the center of the tab bar
  2. Tap the Account
  3. Tap Create Transfer in the account selector
  4. Tap the account to receive the transfer (it will have a down arrow icon next to it)
  5. Tap either selected account to switch which one is transferring money to the other
  6. Tap Done to save your transfer setting

After you tap Create Transfer in the steps above, MoneyWell allows you to select two other accounts. Tapping on one of the two selected accounts toggles the up and down icons changing the direction of the transfer. Tapping an account not selected changes the destination account.

You can also change any existing transaction to a transfer in MoneyWell. Just tap Account on any transaction you edit.