Creating Bucket Transfers

There are two types of transfers in MoneyWell: Account Transfers and Bucket Transfers.

Bucket Transfers

When you use Fill Buckets from the Overview screen to move income into your expense buckets, MoneyWell creates a series of bucket transfers to move that money. These don’t relate to any banking function, but are instead a way to keep your bucket balances correct for spending.

In addition to this automatic method of filling buckets, you can also move money manually between buckets. These manual bucket transfers do not affect the fill buckets process and allow you to take money from a bucket that has extra cash and move it to a bucket that may need more money in the current plan period.

To create a bucket transfer:

  1. Tap a bucket on the Activity screen that needs money
  2. Tap Transfers at the top of the activity list
  3. Tap + to add a new bucket transfer
  4. Tap the From line to select a bucket that has extra money
  5. Optionally tap the Amount or Memo lines to change those values
  6. Tap Add to save the bucket transfer

New Bucket Transfer

Bucket transfers are a great way to adjust your flexible spending bucket balances. When surprises occur, like automobile repairs, you can transfer money from your dining or entertainment buckets to make up the difference.