Can I switch which account is unlocked in the free version?

If you haven’t purchased our “Unlimited Accounts” feature but have more than one account in your list, you’ll find that all of them except one is shown as “Locked”. This one account may not be the one you wanted to be the unlocked account so you get one chance to change that selection. Since you can only do this one time without removing and reinstalling MoneyWell, make sure you know which account you want to use before making this change.

To unlock a different account:

  1. Tap the settings gear in the upper left
  2. Tap Change Unlocked Account
  3. Tap the account you want to use as your new unlocked account
  4. Tap Save
  5. Tap outside the Settings popover to dismiss it

You will now see your newly selected account as unlocked on the Activity tab. This will not work a second time, so if you make a mistake, you can delete MoneyWell for iPad from your device and download it again from the App Store. Alternately, you can purchase “Unlimited Accounts” one time and never have to deal with locked accounts again.