What URL Schemes are supported?

MoneyWell for iPad can be controlled via a URL scheme. This allows other apps to run MoneyWell and trigger some basic tasks. This is mostly for developers or people that use apps like Launch Center Pro. This page documents the URL schemes for each version of MoneyWell for iPad.

Example Actions

If you have MoneyWell for iPad 1.1.3 or newer installed, you can open this page in Safari on your iPad and tap the links below to test out the URL scheme:

MoneyWell for iPad Actions

Version 1.1.3 supported actions:

  • moneywell://
  • moneywell://overview
  • moneywell://activity
  • moneywell://budget
  • moneywell://activity/select?account=<name>
  • moneywell://activity/select?bucket=<name>
  • moneywell:///new
  • moneywell://<tab>/new?<argument>=<value>

The select command must have either the “account” or “bucket” argument with a valid name.

The new command can optionally have one of the follow tab names:

  • overview
  • activity
  • budget

The new command can optionally have one or more of the following arguments:

  • account
  • bucket
  • payee
  • memo
  • amount
  • currency