MoneyWell 3 Release Notes

Version 3.0.6—December 13th, 2017

  • Improves management of private local backups. MoneyWell will now keep the last 3 months worth of local backups only.
  • Improves document tracking in the Welcome window. Should now properly reflect the contents of the “File > Open” menu item.
  • Improves handling of Welcome window at launch. Should prevent an issue where it could be displayed even if a document was properly restored.
  • Fixes the running balance when setting up a new document. Was not including the “Initial Balance” transaction. Reopening the document would properly update the totals but that’s no longer necessary.
  • Fixes a bug when migrating a document store. When triggered, this would result in a document that could no longer be saved.
  • Fixes tracking of synced documents when using multiple documents. Would erroneously update the bookmark data to the last auto-opened document.

Version 3.0.5—September 28th, 2017

  • Reverts the build environment to match that of the 3.0.2 build until we can workaround issues in the newer SDK. This doesn’t revert the changes from the last two builds, just the SDK we were building against.
  • Updates crash reporting framework (Crashlytics for those curious).
  • Fixes selection handling when adding new transactions.

Version 3.0.4—September 4th, 2017

  • Fixes an Auto Save issue that was introduced in the 3.0.3 update.

Version 3.0.3—August 22nd, 2017


  • Initial changes for High Sierra compatibility.
  • Added menu command to clear out any existing Dropbox credentials from the Keychain. Useful when troubleshooting authorization issues.
  • Now disables the Refresh button for manually created connection settings.
  • Disabled pasting transactions between documents. Previously this would cause MoneyWell to crash.
  • Disabled dragging transactions between documents. Previously this would fail silently (without crashing).

Automatic Downloads

  • Better sanity checking of status and error messages in OFX responses. Should allow MoneyWell to surface more of these messages even if incorrectly formatted. Specifically, verification messages from Chase will now be displayed in the UI instead of a generic failure code.

Sync Workflows

  • Updated Sync Setup workflow. Fixed misaligned password entry fields, focuses the first password entry field when shown, and the Set Password button responds to the Return key now.
  • Updated the Sync Reset workflow. Fixed view resizing issue.
  • Updated the Sync Status window. No longer possible to mess up the window layout by resizing, cleaned up display of document name, and updated sync icon.

Version 3.0.2—April 19th, 2017


  • New popup menu to control the current Cash Flow view. Makes it much more obvious which view you’re currently in and how to switch between them. Includes shortcut keys for even quicker access. (control + 1/2/3)
  • Bumped up the maximum allowed size of the sidebar to accommodate users on large screens.
  • The Securities section of the sidebar is hidden if empty.
  • Better handling of empty and multiple selection states in info panel and Reconcile view.

Connection Settings

  • Clean up of connections list. Now with alternating row colors, sorting and a bit more visual space between entries for easier scanning.
  • Better handling of window resizing. We used to make the table wider. Now we resize the text fields for easier editing of the values. The sheet also remembers it size across runs now.
  • Fix resizing of Submit checkbox and bottom divider. The checkbox was anchored to the wrong side and the divider ignored resizing all together.
  • Fix tab key behaviour. It’s now possible to tab from the table to the various text fields and back again as expected.
  • Add Help button which links to our Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting connection settings.

Direct Connect & OFX Imports

  • Better handling of incorrectly formatted OFX. Should allow for Direct Connect imports from USAA once again.
  • Surface OFX errors in the Direct Connect & import progress views. Previously network and communication errors were captured but errors reading OFX data were not. This could result in a “peek-a-boo” progress view that appeared to work but actually failed to import anything.
  • Consolidate handling of OFX data for Direct Connect and file-based imports. Regardless of the source, MoneyWell should better handle some cases of incorrect OFX formatting.
  • Provide fallback mechanism in case the old code path is preferred for certain OFX providers.

Version 3.0.1—March 18th, 2017


  • Fix console warnings when displaying the Spending Plan popover.
  • Wider popups to prevent truncation of longer currency names in the Spending Plan popover.
  • Fix crash when dismissing the New Account sheet while a download is in progress.
  • Better capture and handling of XML parsing errors allowing us to fail gracefully instead of crashing.

Version 3.0—October 25th, 2016

The official MoneyWell 3 build, non-beta!


  • Local automatic document backup. MoneyWell will now automatically make a backup copy of your document when asked to open it. These backups are stored in the Application Support folder on your local disk only. They are never pushed to the cloud. We still strongly recommend a good backup system but this is one small way we can help safeguard your data.

Version 3.0b7 (3021)—October 11th, 2016


  • New app icon to match the system style in El Capitan and Sierra. The old bucket icon served us well and will be missed!
  • Smarter open document checks. No longer displays a warning if the document is open locally (as opposed to on another Mac).
  • Fix crash when canceling CSV import.
  • Tweaked layouts in the About and License windows to work with new icon shape.
  • Updated various URLs to point to the new website.

Welcome Window

  • New edge-to-edge layout in an attempt to make better use of the space.
  • No longer uses a web view so the window will display instantly even when offline.
  • The labels in the table view now use the entire column width for displaying document names and paths.
  • Properly truncates document paths to be relative to the user directory if appropriate.
  • The recent documents list no longer requires a relaunch to update.

Version 3.0b6 (3019)—August 29th, 2016


  • Fixed the Find and Use Selection for Find menu items. Now properly sets focus to the search field when invoked.
  • Better management of the tab-key loop in the Cash Flow, Spending Plan and Reconcile views.
  • Always display counts for the default filters.
  • Fixed the various menu commands in the Transactions menu to no longer require the transaction list to have focus.
  • Added a label explaining the option key trick when creating scheduled transactions.
  • Enabled the escape key in the info panel again. Closes the panel if it has focus.


  • New user default to override the date from which to import transactions. Forces MoneyWell to ignore transactions before the specified date. See the support article for details.

Version 3.0b5 (3018)—August 15th, 2016


  • Fix possible crash when displaying the sync status view.
  • Fix crash during QIF import if the format inspection can’t recognize the date format.
  • Fix permissions on bundled CorePlot license file.
  • Fix font color on account and bucket transfer sheets. Was supposed to be black but it was a dark shade of grey.
  • Add a little padding between bank names in the New Account flow to make things easier on the eyes.

Split Transactions

  • Re-wire the “Split Transaction” menu item so that it is once again available in all expected contexts. This fixes both the key-command and the button in the inspector view.
  • Set a larger minium size on the Split Transaction Editor to prevent overlapping controls.
  • New header with larger fonts.
  • Fix appearance of combo boxes in the table view. Smaller row heights with more vertical padding to keep the text properly aligned.
  • Enable alternate row colouring for table view.

Exchange Rates

  • New header view with bigger fonts.
  • Default styling for controls.
  • The editor now responds to both Escape and Return to dismiss the view.
  • Remembers the editor size across runs of the application.
  • Enable alternate row colouring for table view.

Version 3.0b4 (3017)—August 8th, 2016


  • The “New Transaction” menu item now properly updates to display “New Favorite Transaction” or “New Scheduled Transaction” when viewing those sections in the Cash Flow view.
  • Undo once again works as expected.
  • Detect and warn the user if attempting to open a document on multiple Macs at once when using a Finder-level sync system (like Dropbox) as this can lead to document corruption. If you need to view your document on multiple Macs at the same time, the built-in document sync should be used instead.
  • The next/previous transaction commands no longer crash when used in the Reconcile view.
  • Fix for blank rows appearing when using the custom table style.
  • Fix random crashes during bucket total calculations.

Account Transfers

  • Use regular-size controls for easier viewing.
  • Now wider and taller to accommodate the larger controls.
  • Removed redundant placeholder values (those that matched the label) and fixed the payee placeholder so it was actually displayed when needed.
  • No longer allows transfers if the to and from account are the same.
  • Disabled resizing in the account transfer sheet. Resizing this view would result in overlapping controls.
  • Consistent with the look of the Bucket Transfer sheet.

Bucket Transfers

  • Use regular-size controls for easier viewing.
  • Now wider and taller to accommodate the larger controls.
  • Fix the amount placeholder to be visible when needed.
  • No longer allows transfers if the to and from bucket are the same.
  • Consistent with the look of the Account Transfer sheet.

Filter Bar

  • Simplified filter bar. Removed the fuzzy button controls and moved the lesser-used options into a drop-down menu. Also means that all the controls now fit onscreen even at the smallest window size. And it’s Retina ready!
  • The Sort By menu no longer accepts clicks when hidden. This menu is only visible in the filter bar when viewing the custom Unified table style so now it does the right thing and ignores any clicks that happen to find it.

Smart Filters

  • Exposed a preference to disable counts for Smart Filters in the sidebar. We’re investigating an issue where displaying these counts can greatly impact the sidebar performance so until we have a better solution they are off by default.
  • Fix crashes when editing Smart Filters containing tags.
  • Fix display glitches when editing Smart Filters with more rows than will fit in the default sized editor sheet.

Transaction Merges

  • Made the transaction merge view wider to make better use of the available screen real estate.
  • Wider default size for the date column in the transaction merge view to avoid truncation (dependant on the region/date format settings).
  • Merging transactions no longer results in an empty memo field if the existing copy is blank and the duplicate contains a memo.
  • Bumped up the text size in the transaction merge view.

Version 3.0 (3016)—March 28th, 2016

  • Now using HTTPS for in-app update checks. This change addresses a security issue in the underlying Sparkle framework. If you are concerned about the safety of your connection you can manually update via our secure site.
  • Fixes for MoneyWell 2 and Apple NFR license keys.
  • Better handling of top-level exceptions.
  • Fixed a possible crash on startup.
  • Updates copyright info.

Version 3.0 (3015)—December 23rd, 2015

  • Fixes crash displaying investment accounts.
  • Fixes issue displaying attachments that were created in MoneyWell 2.
  • Now accepts 2x license keys purchased on June 1st, 2015 or later.

Version 3.0 (3012)—November 17th, 2015

  • Initial 3x release.
  • Introduces support for Retina displays. No more fuzzy UI!
  • Modernized layout to match Yosemite/El Capitan styling.