Using Tags

Tags are a great way to generate more detail on reports and to allow further filtering in MoneyWell. Tags allow you to have a single “Dining” bucket and still break out meals between you and your spouse. You get to keep a concise, clean bucket list without losing the ability for intricate breakouts.

Assigning Tags

Adding tags to your transactions is simple. In the “Tags” entry on the Info panel, type in a tag name and press Return. If a tag with that name already exists, MoneyWell will drop it in for you. If that tag doesn’t exist, it will be created. Add as many tags as you’d like to each transaction.

You can also click the tag icon to pull up a popover and drag and drop tag names into the “Tags” entry.

Renaming and Deleting Tags

The tags popover also allows you to rename and remove tags. Double-click on a tag to edit the name and change it. Select a tag and press the Delete key to remove a tag.