Window Tricks

The MoneyWell window is designed to make navigating easy and filtering fast. When you quit and restart MoneyWell, all your window settings are saved and restored including your view selection and any filters you have active.

Sizing the Panels

You can adjust the width of the main window, the Source list on left, and the Graph at the bottom. The Info panel on the right is a fixed width, but you can show and hide it clicking Info in the bottom button bar.

Show and Hide

You can quickly toggle the Info panel using ⌘I or by pressing the Return and Esc keys when an item is selected in the main list.

The Graph toggles using ⌘G and gives you a quick way to hide the graph view when you want to have more room for transactions.

Check out Keyboard Navigation for more tips on using shortcut keys.

Filter Bar Views

The Filter Bar controls the look and information on the content list. When you are on the Cash Flow view, the filter bar has a three-way segmented control at the left, which allows you to switch between “Cash Flow”, “Favorite”, and “Scheduled” transactions.

To the right of that is a two-way segmented control to give you normal and compact views of your transactions. This control is also available on the Spending Plan and Reconcile views. The compact view reduces the height of each transaction to a single line and gives you column headers for sorting transactions and rearranging columns.