Increase your wealth while reducing your debt!

MoneyWell is personal finance software that helps you proactively manage your spending using the envelope-budgeting system and keep track of your banking using direct connect and flexible importing.

MoneyWell works equally great on your Mac or iPad and both versions sync with each other and MoneyWell Express on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Before you buy, you can try out MoneyWell free of charge. Just download it, drop it in your Applications folder, and start using it. *

Once you decide you like MoneyWell, just purchase a license key via our site and your trial copy becomes the full-featured application.

Requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion or newer. Use El Capitan, Sierra or High Sierra for the best experience.

MoneyWell 3.0.6 (3029)

Purchase for $60 USD

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MoneyWell is a well thought-out program that is a complete pleasure to use.

—MacWorld, June 2010

Easily track all your accounts

Multiple accounts across multiple banks? Not a problem! View everything in one place with a clean, native Mac app. MoneyWell supports importing all the standard formats as well as auto-downloads for those institutions that support Direct Connect.

Envelope-based budgeting

MoneyWell was designed from day one to do envelope budgeting—it isn’t just a feature we tacked on as a checklist item. At its core, MoneyWell is a budgeting system to help you eliminate debt and grow wealth.

Interactive reports

MoneyWell was designed to give you great financial feedback in every view, but when you need to share information with others, reports are a great tool. With our 2.0 release, you can create and save reports that have different content, totals, groupings, date ranges and watch the report change as you adjust these settings. Zoom in and review them in the main window or go old school and print a paper copy.

Beautiful graphs

Graphs are available for nearly every list to give you the big picture. Headers above each list give summary information along with quick totals for selections. Every visual has been crafted to help you see exactly what you need right where you are.

Best-in-class currency support

No other finance app allows you to record a transaction in one currency, store it in an account register in a second currency, and assign it to a budget bucket in a third. Only MoneyWell gives you the flexibility to keep your budget in check no matter where you live or travel.

When you set the currency on your transaction, MoneyWell automatically looks up the exchange rate based on the currency of your selected account. If your bucket has a third currency, it does the same for that.

Since exchange rates are rarely perfect, MoneyWell also allows you to set the exact amounts for all three currencies and keeps those stored within each transaction.

Take it with you

MoneyWell Express is our most mobile version of MoneyWell. It’s perfect for capturing your transactions while you’re in the checkout line or for reviewing your bucket balances before you spend money. This is the heart of proactive budgeting—having the ability to make cash flow decisions at the point of sale.

MoneyWell for iPad was designed specifically for the larger screen. We think you’re really going to love being able to touch and interact with your finances on your iPad. There’s a wonderful freedom to be able to hang out by the pool while balancing your bank account. It almost makes budgeting fun.

What our users are saying

It’s Perfect! I have been using the envelope accounting method since 1990 in a DOS version of a Works database file. To me, it’s the only sensible way to manage household money. Most financial software products work on the basis of a monthly budget with targets. At the end of the month, it shows you where you went wrong but by then it’s too late to fix anything. Envelope accounting is different. More…

—Gary M. Davis, USA on MoneyWell for Mac

This is a great little app. Initially I had some reservations as it is quite pricey for a money management app, however, unable to find anything else I liked (and I tried a few of the less expensive ones) I am glad I shelled out for this. More…

Madison152, UK on MoneyWell for iPad

I think MoneyWell is the best money tracker I’ve tried. It is based on the bucket or envelope money idea and it is the best for budgeting no question. More…

Nzzzzzzzzzzz, USA on MoneyWell Express

This is a useful app for entering data into the main MoneyWell program. It’s a companion app, not intended to be a standalone product. The wife and I find it very useful for entering shopping bills etc as and when we make purchases. More…

Maldin, UK on MoneyWell Express

* MoneyWell documents are limited to 200 transactions when running in trial mode.