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Release Notes for Version 3.0b4 (3017)


  • The “New Transaction” menu item now properly updates to display “New Favorite Transaction” or “New Scheduled Transaction” when viewing those sections in the Cash Flow view.
  • Undo once again works as expected.
  • Detect and warn the user if attempting to open a document on multiple Macs at once when using a Finder-level sync system (like Dropbox) as this can lead to document corruption. If you need to view your document on multiple Macs at the same time, the built-in document sync should be used instead.
  • The next/previous transaction commands no longer crash when used in the Reconcile view.
  • Fix for blank rows appearing when using the custom table style.
  • Fix random crashes during bucket total calculations.

Account Transfers

  • Use regular-size controls for easier viewing.
  • Now wider and taller to accommodate the larger controls.
  • Removed redundant placeholder values (those that matched the label) and fixed the payee placeholder so it was actually displayed when needed.
  • No longer allows transfers if the to and from account are the same.
  • Disabled resizing in the account transfer sheet. Resizing this view would result in overlapping controls.
  • Consistent with the look of the Bucket Transfer sheet.

Bucket Transfers

  • Use regular-size controls for easier viewing.
  • Now wider and taller to accomodate the larger controls.
  • Fix the amount placeholder to be visible when needed.
  • No longer allows transfers if the to and from bucket are the same.
  • Consistent with the look of the Account Transfer sheet.

Filter Bar

  • Simplified filter bar. Removed the fuzzy button controls and moved the lesser-used options into a drop-down menu. Also means that all the controls now fit onscreen even at the smallest window size. And it’s Retina ready!
  • The Sort By menu no longer accepts clicks when hidden. This menu is only visible in the filter bar when viewing the custom Unified table style so now it does the right thing and ignores any clicks that happen to find it.

Smart Filters

  • Exposed a preference to disable counts for Smart Filters in the sidebar. We’re investigating an issue where displaying these counts can greatly impact the sidebar performance so until we have a better solution they are off by default.
  • Fix crashes when editing Smart Filters containing tags.
  • Fix display glitches when editing Smart Filters with more rows than will fit in the default sized editor sheet.

Transaction Merges

  • Made the transaction merge view wider to make better use of the available screen real estate.
  • Wider default size for the date column in the transaction merge view to avoid truncation (dependant on the region/date format settings).
  • Merging transactions no longer results in an empty memo field if the existing copy is blank and the duplicate contains a memo.
  • Bumped up the text size in the transaction merge view.

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