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Release Notes for Version 3.0b7 (3021)


  • New app icon to match the system style in El Capitan and Sierra. The old bucket icon served us well and will be missed!
  • Smarter open document checks. No longer displays a warning if the document is open locally (as opposed to on another Mac).
  • Fix crash when canceling CSV import.
  • Tweaked layouts in the About and License windows to work with new icon shape.
  • Updated various URLs to point to the new website.

Welcome Window

  • New edge-to-edge layout in an attempt to make better use of the space.
  • No longer uses a web view so the window will display instantly even when offline.
  • The labels in the table view now use the entire column width for displaying document names and paths.
  • Properly truncates document paths to be relative to the user directory if appropriate.
  • The recent documents list no longer requires a relaunch to update.

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