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Release Notes for Version 3.0.2 (3024)


  • New popup menu to control the current Cash Flow view. Makes it much more obvious which view you’re currently in and how to switch between them. Includes shortcut keys for even quicker access. (control + 1/2/3)
  • Bumps up the maximum allowed size of the sidebar to accommodate users on large screens.
  • The Securities section of the sidebar is hidden if empty.
  • Better handling of empty and multiple selection states in info panel and Reconcile view.

Connection Settings

  • Cleans up connections list. Now with alternating row colors, sorting and a bit more visual space between entries for easier scanning.
  • Better handling of window resizing. We used to make the table wider. Now we resize the text fields for easier editing of the values. The sheet also remembers it size across runs now.
  • Fixes resizing of Submit checkbox and bottom divider. The checkbox was anchored to the wrong side and the divider ignored resizing all together.
  • Fixes tab key behaviour. It’s now possible to tab from the table to the various text fields and back again as expected.
  • Add Help button which links to our Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting connection settings.

Direct Connect & OFX Imports

  • Better handling of incorrectly formatted OFX. Should allow for Direct Connect imports from USAA once again.
  • Surface OFX errors in the Direct Connect & import progress views. Previously network and communication errors were captured but errors reading OFX data were not. This could result in a “peek-a-boo” progress view that appeared to work but actually failed to import anything.
  • Consolidate handling of OFX data for Direct Connect and file-based imports. Regardless of the source, MoneyWell should better handle some cases of incorrect OFX formatting.
  • Provide fallback mechanism in case the old code path is preferred for certain OFX providers.

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