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Release Notes for Version 3.0.3 (3025)


  • Initial changes for High Sierra compatibility.
  • Adds a menu command to clear out any existing Dropbox credentials from the Keychain. Useful when troubleshooting authorization issues.
  • Now disables the Refresh button for manually created connection settings.
  • Prevents pasting transactions between documents. Previously this would cause MoneyWell to crash.
  • Prevents dragging transactions between documents. Previously this would fail silently (without crashing).

Automatic Downloads

  • Better sanity checking of status and error messages in OFX responses. Should allow MoneyWell to surface more of these messages even if incorrectly formatted. Specifically, verification messages from Chase will now be displayed in the UI instead of a generic failure code.

Sync Workflows

  • Updates Sync Setup workflow. Fixes misaligned password entry fields, focuses the first password entry field when shown, and the Set Password button responds to the Return key now.
  • Updates the Sync Reset workflow. Fixes view resizing issue.
  • Updates the Sync Status window. No longer possible to mess up the window layout by resizing, cleaned up display of document name, and updated sync icon.

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